Click here to for a very special message you MUST read from the Department of the Air Force Air University who attended the American Veteran’s Center Conference in 2017.

“Have I told you today that I appreciate you? Both of your are so attentive to details.  Everything is responded to promptly.  My group is happy.  You have made a great first impression.  Both of you are tribute to your organization as symbols of what “old school customer service meets modern day technology” should be. Please keep up the good work. We have another month to go. So don’t let my firm down”

“Thank you so so much for the extension…  You and the Suite Solutions team have made my transition back to the U.S. completely stress free. It has been a pleasure working with you, Leila and Sara as well as the Instrata concierge team.  The customer service is impeccable!”

“I love love love working with you.  You have made my job so much easier, you have no idea.”

“I am already very pleased with your company.  You really do provide excellent customer service!!”

“Your entire team there is amazing and you have taken such great care of me!”

“Sharon it should not.  You have been a blessing in disguise, a God send.  Your professionalism, kindness and willingness to accommodate me and the ladies is to be commended and I can’t thank you enough… Your company was referred to me and I thank God that it was.  You are and have been so sweet and patient throughout this hold ordeal.  You could have cut me lose especially when I kept e-mailing you about this and that but you didn’t.  Thank you so much Sharon for being you.”

“Thank you for taking such good care of me…DC is the only location I enjoy travelling to for business – and it’s directly related to my housing options!”

“I’d like to say thank you so very much for hiring Ashleigh Byrne! Here’s why as you’re probably wondering why…Last night after checking out of one of your Instrata rooms earlier in the day, I got to the airport and my flight ended up getting cancelled. I thought I’d try to see if I could get a room with you all again as that you service is so awesome…especially the individualized attention that Ashleigh puts towards providing a great product and her professional demeanor she presents in her emails. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get a room, especially since this late minute request wasn’t an extended stay, but I called anyway and Ashleigh answered on your after-hours duty line. She indicated to me that she’d have to check on availability and that it would take a little while to do so since she was away from her machine. She then texted me, giving me status updates on when she’d be by her computer and then called me. As you know, she didn’t need to go above and beyond, but she did while I was waiting at the airport…I was so impressed! She then informed me that she did have a room for two nights, as DCA is closed today as well, and that she wanted to check on the room to make sure it was ready. She and I then synced up at 1401 and I had the opportunity to meet her. Ultimately, she went 100 percent out of her way to make this happen…and did I say that this was at around 1020 last night?  I just wanted to let you know that you have a winner with Ashleigh! She is a tremendous asset to your company, and I told her via email last week, that anytime I come to DC, I will always contact Suite Solutions first as that you provide a quality experience from the get-go, and it all starts with Ashleigh. Thank you and a special thanks to Ashleigh. I will always remember this experience and the great assist from Ashleigh last night.”

“Thank you so much Sharon for everything. I had a wonderful stay. I would just like to thank you for it all. Hope you are well! And we will keep in touch for future stays!”

“Suite Solutions is a great company — when I set this up I knew I’d be moving into this building permanently and you guys worked with me to get me on the same floor as my new apt.  Made moving in a breeze!  I will recommend SS to everyone!”

“I write to express my gratitude and pleasure for choosing Suite Solutions, as I had the most wonderful stay and found 1401 Joyce Apartments, most endearing in every which way. Enjoyed the warmth and thoughtfulness with which each apartment has been designed, enjoyed the hospitality and service and also the fact that David picked me up at the airport and made my entry into Washington , friendly and easy. Thank you for everything.”

“… thank you for the wonderful experience we’ve had having our families stay with Suite Solutions at 1401 S. Joyce. Our families have also enjoyed the experience and appreciated staying a couple of floors from our own apartment.The apartments were clean and had the necessary amenities for a couple days stay; the gift bag is also a nice touch.

On a side note; you have a very effective marketing department in Ms. Angela at the 1401 S. Joyce Front Desk. She recommended you to us, and how could we not believe that always delightful and welcoming face.  As always, she came through and you now have a regular customer in us when we need accommodations in the Arlington area.”

“I have already recommended your company… Many of us travel to the DC area for pleasure on a fairly frequent basis. With the number of available places to stay, it can be overwhelming trying to find the “perfect” location, close to the metro, nice area, secure, private space, no hidden fees, available parking, dining accommodations. So many needs to take into consideration! Your company handled everything and the Instrata was, as far as my family and I are concerned, the perfect location. From the first contact I had with My Suite Solutions, the staff was friendly, courteous, professional, and so accommodating. Could not have asked for nicer folks to deal with. Once we arrived, everything was in order and ready for us. Maintenance and cleaning staff were on the ball – the apartment was immaculate. It was an absolutely perfect experience for us. I am afraid no other place will ever measure up! And the price was absolutely in line with all the quality hotels in the area I had checked, if not less. Thank you so much for making it possible. “

“I am confident that you treat all your guests with the same kindness, courtesy, and professionalism. It is so rare these days to get such wonderful service and value “

“Your generous accommodations made such an impact on the family’s trip! “

“As we are very happy with Suite Solutions,we will stick with Suite Solutions.We feel valued,honored and respected even if we contribute very little to the overall earnings of Suite Solutions but all the same we are treated as if our payments to Suite Solutions were significant,they are not,we know it much too well and yet we are treated with dignity and much respect—this means a great to us!! We also see the care and considerations by Suite Solutions as we settle in the Apts.We will continue to be with Suite Solutions—there is dignity and respect and we feel honored!!”

“It was simply a perfect apartment and made all the difference in our stay. Thank you so much for making that part so easy!  I recommend you to everyone coming to DC.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful accommodations in D.C.  Leila was tremendously helpful in sorting my check in upon arrival which I much appreciated.  I had a very busy 3 days and coming home each night to a comfortable home made everything possible.  “

“We like the apartment and would love to continue to work with you in the future. Please add me to your list of loyal customers.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to tell you what a wonderful experience we had – the condo was beautiful and completely met our needs, the staff were extremely helpful and very, very pleasant, and the amenities were outstanding!  We are hoping to return again next year.”

“I wanted to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for your professionalism and always making it a pleasure to work with you and the team at Suite Solutions. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know it has truly been a privilege to partner with you guys and I again appreciated everything you’ve done for me.”

“The apt looks lovely and boy, was that Welcome bag so nice!! (I didn’t have much of a lunch today so the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies were especially appreciated.)
Thank you and your team very much for all the special touches (the twin beds, the extra chairs, the early check-in) – what a wonderful welcome!”

“I want to take a moment to thank you for finding us such a wonderful house. My wife and kids enjoy the surrounding shops, restaurants, and parks…Again, thank you for all your advice and continuous support throughout the process. I will definitely highly recommend you to my Command in California!”

“I so appreciated your prompt responses and professionalism throughout this process and have suggested your company to several counterparts who will be PCSing back to DC in 2015.  I will continue to suggest Suite Solutions”

“You guys are by far the easiest corporate company to work with.”

“I looked at the list and was very impressed with the number of items provided…You have been so wonderful to work with…”

“You all are the best and I appreciate all you do.”

“You are so great to work with!!”

“Place was great and perfect for our needs.  Thanks again. We will definitely use Suite Solutions in the future for our needs.”

“I knew you were good at picking locations, yet I still underestimated your skill. I’ve been walking around DC… and ( as you said) The Avenue’s location is the best for me. Thank you!!!”

“We remain grateful to you and your entire team at Suite Solutions.Thanks for caring and for all the good things you do for us to make every visit a welcome and a memorable one.”

“Many businesses talk about good customer service – Suite Solutions is the model.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work today … You helped to make all of the troubleshooting a very fluid process. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again to Suite Solutions for going over and beyond to provide outstanding service!!!!”

“Alicia arrived at the apartment on Monday afternoon and professionally introduced herself at the door.  Within minutes, Alicia had figured out the issue with the internet and she explained it to me.  Her professional attitude, friendly spirit, and knowledge of the internet/computer operations were refreshing.  I work with IT people all over the country and it is difficult to find someone who was as efficient and customer focused as Alicia.”

“You guys have done an exceptional job in every aspect regarding our stay … You made us feel at home and you will definitely be our first and only choice for our future visits”

“This has been a perfect set-up for us, and greatly reduced anxiety – thank you very much.”

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you have a great staff.  They did not miss one beat while you were away.  I know I have said before that we appreciate all that Suite Solutions has done to accommodate [us] but do know that your staff truly holds to the standard that you set forth. Having worked in the industry I am well aware of the other providers that are out there and their levels of service.  In addition, having worked with another provider prior to you, I have to say your service has been superior.”

“…My husband and son both loved the apartment!!!!! My son thinks it is so much nicer than our own home….haha.”

“I just have to tell you, I am so grateful I came across Suite Solutions. Things fell into place as far as the dates and location…and my mother being able to join me in one of her favorite cities on the day of her 75th birthday, which was a treat because I am ALWAYS out of town on her birthday. But I thought we’d be staying in a hotel and sharing a room and eating a lot of take-out…Thank you for everything.”

“We have been very happy with Suite Solutions and have referred a couple people who stayed at places in Pentagon City.”

“Thank you … for taking care of my temporary living accommodations. The apartment exceeds my expectations!”

 “Just wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful accommodations and outstanding service. My parents loved the apartment. The concierge was very helpful and the location ideal. They also wanted to thank Frances for her prompt attention to their concerns.”

“Your assistance and customer service are top notch (and the model for all!).  Thank you.”

 “We can’t forget the people who helped us and made our stay in the U.S. so smooth… we really remember every single moment … and the great cooperation that we got from you and colleague Ashleigh. My kids still remember the first face who received us at Dulles Airport and that is for sure you, dear Sharon. You reflected the best of the American culture and customs towards guests.”

“This has been a perfect set-up for us, and greatly reduced anxiety – thank you very much.”

“[They] had nothing but praise for the service Suite Solutions provided.  Thank you so much.  It has been a pleasure to work with you again…”

“It has been a pleasure having you as my lodging provider!  You tended to my every need in a timely manner and I didn’t have to wait weeks to get a monthly receipt, like I experienced with a different company.  I look forward to staying with you again and I will highly recommend your company to any of my colleagues that come here on assignment in the future.”

“We are so thankful to work with a group as wonderful as Suite Solutions!”

“The apartment is very nice and spacious. I still can’t get over that I checked in-and-out of a hotel every week for four months earlier this year. I wish I had known about your company!”

“She really enjoys the place.  She feels like she is going ‘home’ every night versus to a hotel room.  That in itself allows us to know that we collaboratively are doing whatever we can to make her more comfortable.”

 “Suite Solutions is definitely on our referral list for the area. [We] will pass your information on to all of our coworkers. Although this is not our home, the effort you and your company made helped make us feel at home. We have had nothing but a positive experience with you. I have your contact information saved and will be contacting you in the future as we do plan on relocating to the area should we be given the job opportunities required for a permanent relocation.”

“Ashleigh – total success on the wifi…thank you…and thank you so much for the delicious cookies…an amazing surprise. I’ve never received such outstanding treatment as a mere customer for anything…again, many thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity!…” 

“…Your service every step on this is just great.  Thanks for being so responsive, and getting everything set up so well.  The apartment is exactly what we need, nicely furnished and clean, and in the exact best location for us.  Terrific.”

“I dropped by to see them off to their new home this AM. They both wanted to make sure we know how much they enjoy their stay this summer.  Suite Solutions made everything so simple for their transition. She especially could not stop raving about how great Ashleigh was to her, the family and how nice she was to her.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for all that you and ‘Suite Solutions’ have done for me and my family for the past six months.”

“Thank you for all your help. I also wanted to thank Sarah Wallace for all of her help as well. She has been extremely accommodating in fulfilling any little need I have had over my time here.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help and support.  Suite Solutions does an outstanding job at exceeding customer expectations. For those of us that are here for business you make us feel like we are part of a great community.  Keep up the great work!”

“I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am on the service that Ashleigh, John and James have given to me. Seeing that I have only been here a little over a week, and must have asked for assistance with travel to airport about four times; they have been nothing but accommodating and professional.  Their commitment to service just shows me that I made the right decision when I chose to use Suite Solutions. I want to thank you and all of them for the assistance.  If I know of anyone else that will be coming to the area I will INSIST they use Suite Solutions.”

“I’m sad to go, you guys treated me very well while I was here.”

“I can’t imagine staying in a hotel after getting such treatment here with Suite Solutions. I don’t feel like I am that far from home when I am here AND because the rooms are so incredibly great, I only want to stay where the rooms are this nice.”

“Thank you, and thanks for your great staff and their wonderful service.”

“And Sharon, likewise, cooperation with you is feeling more friendship than business. Also other people think that it is amazing how much you have done to help us and I am not taking only about the apartment. We are so pleased.”

“The excellent service that you and Suite Solutions consistently provide is the reason that we have been coming back since 2005.”

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with both the apartment & your service. I certainly plan to use Suite Solutions again if you have apartments in any city we travel to. Also, I will recommend Suite Solutions to my friends.”

“Sharon, it has always been a pleasure working with you and your team as you have always provided the absolute best customer service. Actually set some standard that other companies have emulated. [We] sincerely appreciate you helping us out with our short term temporary housing needs. I’m sure [we] will continue a long relationship with you and Suite Solutions.”

“Stay was perfect … comfortable clean and convenient. Lounge was the perfect place to hold our family get together after my husbands funeral ceremony. Thank you so much for everything. I absolutely will be contacting often for my return trips to Arlington.”

“Thank you for your efforts to make me feel like I’m in my home”

“I would just like to say thank you for our wonderful stay at your apartment. I would have no hesitation recommending you to our friends when staying in Washington. Everything went so smoothly … Just so much better than staying in a hotel … with more benefits.”

“By the way, our stay in America is superb so far because of your hospitality.”

“I will recommend The Suit Solutions to all my friends here that needs to stay for a few weeks before moving.”

“Once again, Suite Solutions has delivered spectacularly.”

“…I would like to thank you for your kindness. Me and my family are very grateful for your hospitality and help.”

“…It has been such a pleasure working with you and your team. I just can’t say enough about how everything is handled so well.”

“I appreciate the really outstanding quality of Suite Solutions apartments. Everyone of the units I have been in, was terrific!”

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